Support and Assistance

What you should know

At Ododo we are committed to providing our customers with top-notch support and assistance. (We also hate when this type of service is crap, so we do everything to make ours perfect!)

For this reason it is necessary to establish some prerequisites. This will allow you to make the best use of our services and will allow us to be always more efficient to assist you. It goes without saying that our teams are available to you throughout your subscription period to our services!

General rule

The opening hours of our support / assistance service are minimum indicative hours: emergencies being emergencies, you can make a request 24h/24 and 7d/d.
We are obviously asking you to balance things between what is really urgent and what can wait for the next opening of our offices. (If you just learnt that your mother in law is coming for the weekend we understand the urgency to call for help, unfortunately apart from our sympathy we are afraid you are on your own !)
Oh yes, important thing before we forget, you must have an account or create one to use our support and support services. (see the right side of this page).

You are a client of our Ododo package PMS + Booking Engine + Channel manager

1. The support is free and at your disposal to correct any problems that are our responsibility encountered with our software.

2. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day for all your suggestions / ideas for improving our Ododo solution.

You are a client of our website creation services

1. The support is free and at your disposal to correct any problems that are our responsibility encountered with your website.

2. The assistance (giving you advices, suggestions, and guidance are part of the assistance) is at your disposal to help you in the realization of your objectives.

You are a client of our Tips & Training services

1. We are at your disposal to answer your questions during all the work sessions planned.

2. You have access during the whole duration of your training, and after without time limit, to the resources videos, pdf, audio ... of our trainings and advices.

You have a technical problem that is not our responsibility but we know how to solve it

1. An hourly rate of 150 €/hour will be applied for our support once our free analysis made and your agreement given. (Except of course if to solve your problem it took only a few minutes and a few clicks, in this case we will not charge you!)

Sometimes, no choice, you have to do remote maintenance

As part of our support and assistance, we may need to take control of your computer, tablet or smartphone to better help you. For this type of interventions we work with a piece of free software called: Anydesk. If our support service requests it, please download and install anydesk. No worries, anydesk is completely free and secure. So please go to their website for installation (, and once the software is open on your device you will just need to share with us the 9-digit number of your workstation.

Thank you for your trust and your loyalty

Respect the rule of "A subject = A ticket"; Any multiple ticket will not be processed.
Do not forget to log in or create an account before submitting a ticket.
Make sure to choose your category
for a better assignment with our technicians!



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